Windows 10 Users Affected by New Shutdown Bug – How to Fix

Windows 10 Users Affected by New Shutdown Bug – How to Fix

Windows 10 Shutdown Bug

Windows 10 users report being plagued by Windows 10 New Shutdown Bug that prevents them from shutting down their computers without first logging out, a problem we previously thought was only faced by Windows 7 users.

Windows 7 users started reporting that they encountered an error message stating “You don’t have permission to shut down this computer.” errors that would not allow them to shut down computers. These errors were first seen around February 6th.

Several Windows 10 users have also reported this same error, one of whom says he saw the error pop-up on a recently installed device running Adobe Creative Cloud, as Günter Born initially reported.

Others also confirmed that the issue had an impact on their Windows 10 home edition devices, as well as multiple Windows 10 installations in an environment where Windows 7 devices also had shutdown problems.

Shutdown error on Windows 10
Shutdown error on Windows 10 (@hornedepot)

There are currently hundreds of user comments in this Reddit thread and over 70 in this one, as well as on the Microsoft Answers forums and Twitter.

Although shutdown issues on Windows 10 aren’t as common as they are on Windows 7, both reports point to the same error and the same underlying bug is behind the problems.


Windows shutdown bug resolution

Their reply confirms that a recent Adobe update is preventing users from shutting down their computers as some users were previously considering.

“We’ve identified and resolved the issue, which was related to a recent Adobe Genuine update that impacted a small number of Windows 7 users,” he said.

“Adobe has fully rolled back the update automatically for all impacted customers. No action is needed by customers. If you are still experiencing the issue, it will be resolved shortly via an automatic update.”

How to fix the Windows 10 shutdown issues

While Adobe has already rolled back the update for Windows 7 customers, Windows 10 ones are out of luck until the bug is also acknowledged for their platform and a fix is provided by either Adobe or Microsoft.

Until then, you can disable the Adobe services triggering the bug (Adobe Genuine Monitor Service, Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service, and Adobe Update) following these steps:

1. Open the Run dialog by hitting the Windows+R combo, type services.msc and hit OK.
2. Look for the Adobe Genuine Monitor, Adobe Genuine Software Integrity, and Adobe Update services.
3. Disable all of them by right-clicking on each of their entries, stopping them by clicking the Stop button, choosing Disabled in the Startup type dropdown menu, and clicking Apply.
4. Try to shut down your computer. If it doesn’t work, restart first by hitting CTL+ALT+DEL and clicking the red icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
Disable Adobe services
Disable Adobe services – Source BleepingComputer

KB4524244 pulled from Windows Update

In somewhat related news, Microsoft also pulled the standalone KB4524244 security update from Windows Update over the weekend after confirming previous user reports about freezes, boot problems, and installation issues.

KB4524244 is an update that was designed to address “an issue in which a third-party Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot manager might expose UEFI-enabled computers to a security vulnerability.”

Microsoft also said that KB4524244 could cause the ‘Reset this PC’ feature (aka PBR or ‘Push Button Reset’) to fail on impacted Windows 10 and Windows Server devices.

To help users of impacted devices, “the standalone security update, KB4524244 has been removed and will not re-offered from Windows Update, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or Microsoft Update Catalog,” Microsoft said on the Windows 10 Health Dashboard. Diriga’s SERVICES


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