Working Remotely During These Times? Learn How To Do It Securely!

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Working Remotely During These Times? Learn How To Do It Securely!

Emily S., who works as a HR manager for a health insurance company, primarily used her personal laptop for Netflix binges and Facebook updates before the coronavirus pandemic. Since March, and for the foreseeable future, she’s had to give it a new task: handling confidential employee records. Emily was worried her home computer wasn’t up […]

New ransomware found to run inside a virtual machine!

  SophosLabs published details of a new sophisticated new ransomware attack that is said to be ran inside of a Windows XP virtual machine.  The crooks behind the attack bought along a 280 MB Windows XP virtual machine to run it in (and a copy of the Oracle VirtualBox to run that) to ensure their […]

EasyJet hacked: data breach affects 9 million customers

EasyJet, the UK’s largest airline, has announced that they have been hacked and that 9 million customers have been exposed to the email addresses and travel information. With some of these customers, the attackers even got access to credit card data. In a notice of data breach revealed today, EasyJet confirms that they have suffered […]

Home Chef declares data breach after sales of 8M user records

Home Chef, a meal kit and food delivery service based in the US, today announced a data breach after a hacker sold eight million user records on a dark web marketplace. Last week a hacking community actor called Shiny Hunters was confirmed to be selling user records on a dark web marketplace for eleven companies. […]

FBI states cybercrime reports quadrupled during COVID-19 pandemic

An official at the FBI said that since the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the agency has seen an increase in cybercrime files. FBI Deputy Assistant Director Tonya Ugoretz, speaking in an online panel hosted by the Aspen Institute, said that the number of reports quadrupled compared to months before the pandemic. “The FBI […]

Texas Courts Hit By Ransomware Attack!

On Friday night, May 8, the Texas court system was hit by ransomware which led to the branch network including websites and servers being disabled to block the malware from spreading to other systems. “On Friday, May 8th, the Office of Court Administration (OCA), the information technology (IT) provider for the appellate courts and state […]

Magellan Health Fell Victim To Ransomware Attack

Fortune 500 company Magellan Health Inc. reported that it was the target of an April 11, 2020 ransomware attack which led to the theft of personal information from one of its corporate servers. Magellan Health is a for-profit healthcare and insurance organization that ranks by total sales at 417 on the Fortune 500 list of […]

Cyber volunteers release blocklists for 26,000 COVID-19 threats

  A block list of known URLs and domain names associated with Coronavirus-themed scams, phishing attacks and malware threats has been released by the COVID-19 Cyber Threat Coalition. The coalition is a international organization that was established towards the end of March 2020 to disseminate information about new threats attempting to exploit the Coronavirus pandemic. […]

267 million Facebook profiles sold for $600 on the dark web

Threat actors are selling over 267 million Facebook profiles for £500 ($623) on dark web sites and hacker forums. While none of these records include passwords, they do contain information that could allow attackers to perform spear phishing or SMS attacks to steal credentials. Last month, security researcher Bob Diachenko discovered an open Elasticsearch database that contained […]

New Coronavirus screenlocker malware is extremely annoying

A fake WiFi hacking program is being used to distribute a new Coronavirus-themed malware that tries to lock you out of Windows while making some very annoying sounds. Screenlockers are malware programs that display a lock screen when logging into Windows so that you cannot access the Windows desktop or interact with your installed programs […]