Schedule Your Free Assessment Today!

Schedule Your Free Assessment Today!

Schedule Your Free Assessment Today!

Baseline your businesses cybersecurity posture within minutes! 

Our Assessment Is Quick & Hassle Free! No Obligation Required!

Testing your cyber security profile can be both complicated and expensive. Many times, the test results are too complex to understand.

At Diriga, our mission is to remove as much mystery from cybersecurity as possible. We enable business owners to find out just how secure their network is. That is why we’ve developed the free, all-encompassing cybersecurity assessment which checks multiple areas of network security.

Regardless of your results, you’re under no obligation to subscribe to any services. However, we believe that the test will prove the importance of having an effective security solution that meets ALL the cyber security needs of the SMB. The bottom line is you should know how your current security profile measures up to the ongoing cyber threats on today’s Internet. Everyone is connected to the same Internet and exposed to the same threats. Test your security now and make sure you are properly protected.

While we are fighting the virus, we need to remember that cyber criminals are targeting and taking advantage of people working on unsecured networks. Our free test is quick and hassle free! No obligation required! 

Here’s how we’re responding to the current demands for IT help 


  • Our service levels and hours of operation remain the same with 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Our remote monitoring and management capabilities ensure support continues normally
  • Our business continuity plans are in effect and are tested regularly
  • Assisting businesses with setting up secure remote offices