Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

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Understanding your employees vulnerabilities is essential to protecting your business. Diriga delivers personalized security awareness training which helps identify broader cybersecurity risks for your organization. Our Phishing Simulations & Security Awareness Training help you assess users’ phishing awareness and their susceptibility to real-world threats.


Give your employees
a plan tailored to them!


Remediate employee behavior

Each click during a phishing test represents a lapse in safe employee behavior. Teach your employees to stay vigilant year-round.

Emails pulled from real life attacks

We build our email templates from actual phishing attacks, allowing you to test employee actions with relevant simulations.

Eliminating complexity

Diriga tackles the hard parts of security adoption so our customers can focus elsewhere.

Focus on behavior

The status quo isn’t breaking the cycle of breaches. Most organizations provide cyber knowledge training to employees, but this hasn’t stopped the attackers. Something must change.

Our research-based approach marries psychology and cyber security to defeat hacker’s schemes. Rather than expecting your employees to become cyber sleuths, instill safe online behaviors to keep them protected.

Product vision

We focus on combining the latest advancements in technology with university research on behavior and security, delivering a product that breeds meaningful change in your employee security posture in the simplest way possible.

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Diriga would like to provide all new potential Security Awareness Training prospects with a FREE Attack Surface Report for your business which shows in real time what attackers may use to gain access to your businesses data. Fill out the form below to find out more!